Live Review: Slipknot

Tuesday 9th February, Alexandra Palace.

The modern metal giants had London in the palm of their hand. Everything about this night was perfect – from setlist choice to the intensity of the crows; could not have been better.

DSC_0066From the opening song, The Negative One, up until half way through there was an incredible energy to the crowd. Everyone was having a good time singing along to all the songs with everyone else around them. And then it got taken up to a new level. Half way through the main set Slipknot played Everything Ends and Alexandra Palace went beserk. I have never seen such an intense crowd take it up that extra notch like on this night.

From then on, every song became a game of see how much you can enjoy the song without falling over! Falling to the left, then over to the right – it was a real struggle to keep both feet planted on the ground.

From my three previous times of seeing Slipknot, they usually end with the same three songs in order. But not this night; they mixed it up for a change! Ending with Spit It Out was incredible. Being part of the ten thousand people that crouched on that floor is certainly something that will live in my memory for a long time!

The only thing I think could have improved the night – pyro. I was very surprised that there was no fireworks and no fire. It seems a bit ridiculous that I can complain Slipknot were lacking on the stage show! It is only a minor criticism as they did have a huge screen, fantastic lights and the spectacle of Clown, Chris, Craig and Sid riding up and down on their platforms.


1. Slipknot: 10/10

One line summary: This was my first time Slipknot in a venue (the rest have been at festivals) and it was a complete spectacle from beginning to end.

Would you go again?
Only a fool wouldn’t want to go.

Were you there? Feel free to drop a comment and let me know your thoughts!


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