Album Review: Earthbound, Bury Tomorrow

bury-tomorrow-earthbound-2016-570x570With a plethora of riffs, ferocious screams and catchy choruses, this is definitely Bury Tomorrow at their (current) finest.

This is certainly a treat for me to be reviewing as my first album review for this year – this is a pretty incredible album. Earthbound starts as it means to go on with The Eternal; slaps you right in the face with a growl from Dan and a breakdown-esk riff that makes you want to snap your neck back and forth. Oh, and don’t forget the catchy chorus that I can well imagine a large crowd singing back when it is inevitably played live.

The album caries on with the heavy riffing, memorable guitar licks and fantastic clean and screaming vocals throughout all songs, but the most catchy of choruses is definitely from Cemetry (it’s been pretty much stuck in my head since first listen to the album). I would hazard a guess that this will be another song that will feature on a no doubt impending headline tour off the back of the album. Plus there is a great pre-chorus section with some really low bass. I like the bass.

The singles released from the album pre-release (Earthbound, Memories, Last Light & 301) give you a good idea of how the album sounds, but there is more diversity on the album with no song really sounding the same. I would say if any song off this album were to be released it would be received well by all current fans and the wider community.

I guess I do have two (minor) criticisms of the album. 1 – I feel that Cemetry fades too quick. I enjoy listening to the song, but the fade just seems to cut the song too short; it could do with 5 – 10 more seconds of fade. Criticism number 2 – the album seems really short. I thought initially that it is because I enjoyed it so much and 36 minutes is not actually that short for an album, but I think it seems a little bit unfinished. I have a sneaky feeling this is in preparation for a deluxe version which would be an immediate purchase.

To bring things to a close, this is a very good contender for album of the year, despite only being January; definitely worth a listen (and a purchase). This is definitely the greatest album Bury Tomorrow have put together and I am already excited to see how this next chapter and album cycle plays out for them!


One line summary: Powerful riffs, strong screams and crowd pleasing choruses melded together in spectacular fashion.

Rating: 9/10 (no Brainwashed is all I can say)

Favorite Song: Struggle to pick, but The Burden (for now at least).

Listening to this album makes me want to: see this take Bury Tomorrow to the next level, above their mostly mediocre peers.

Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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