Album Review: Brainwash, While She Sleeps

While-She-Sleeps-BrainwashedSpoiler – this is my favorite album of 2015. That should give you an idea of where this review will be going.

Now, I only have the standard album, not the deluxe version. From what I have heard, I miss out on two songs and some interludes (that I’m sure I will purchase at a later point). Despite this, the album still rocks. Like, really rocks!

The first time I listened to this album it clicked straight away. I have a couple of friends who it took some time to really get into, but I knew from the get go how good it was. Then I saw them live. It went from really good to god damn amazing. I love everything about this album.

The songs always keep you on edge with no sense of predictability about the songs. There are so many riffs and breakdowns, yet there are nice interludes such as the intro to Four Walls (epic live).

I cannot find a place to fault this album. What is there not to like? Brainwashed (the title track) has an epic breakdown to finish the song, thought provoking lyrics throughout the whole album and some fantastically huge choruses.

From hearing the EP that they released I thought, and wanted, While She Sleeps to be the next big British Metal band. They will be facing stiff competition from others but there is undeniably something special about this band. Everything about this band is DIY. I have t-shirts that have been hand spray painted and they are currently building their own studio as a HQ. When do you see that in this day in age. Seems only one place; in Sheffield with While She Sleeps.

This album is a game changer for me now. Moving forward, this is the new standard that I will be expecting from music. Let’s hope there is more in store for these guys and that they never lose that DIY attitude.


One line summary: Metalcore with constant riffing, big choruses and unpredictability.

Rating: 10/10 (told you I loved this album)

Favorite Song: Our Legacy

Listening to this album makes me want to: See While She Sleeps go onto massive things and headline Wembley Arena

Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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