Live Review: Don Broco

Sunday 13th December, Brixton Academy

Last gig of the year! What a year it has been with many many shows, festivals (both day and weekends) and starting up this blog. Let’s hope we can carry this on through 2016!

This was again a great night to go along to, but had a very different crowd to what I am used to. I see (as many others probably do) Don Broco as a ‘lads band’. A group of lads in the band attracting loads of lads to their shows. Well, enough lads to sell out Brixton!

The crowd were a negative impact to my enjoyment of the performance on this night, which is a real shame. Don Broco are another one of those bands that I really enjoy seeing live, but cannot listen to them on track. The new album Automatic is so hard for me to listen; it sounds so watered down. Then again, the album is something that is very out of my scope of music that I listen to regularly (tend to steer towards heavy music).

Then again, the crowd were at least seriously going for it throughout the whole gig. It was also a super sweaty experience, like always with Don Broco. The palm trees on stage were a nice touch to the setup as well. Pretty nice to see them use a live string quartet for the live show!

DSC_0105 (1)

So overall I had a pretty great night! One last comment about Don Broco in general, their bass played is incredible! He is also a super nice dude, as I’m sure the rest of the band are too.



  1. Don Broco: 8/10

One line summary: Super sweaty crowd full of frustrating people, but a wicked performance.

Would you go again? I find this difficult to answer as my friends really like them so I know I will and probably really enjoy it. However, I wouldn’t go if my friends weren’t. So yes and no.

Were you there? Feel free to drop a comment and let me know your thoughts!


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