Live Review: Five Finger Death Punch

Saturday 28th November, Wembley Arena

In the wake of the recent attacks in Paris, a lot of gigs have understandably been cancelled. I thought my evening would be soured by Papa Roach pulling out of the gig. They were the main reasoning for my attendance on this night, but it was still an amazing experience.

Again, arriving late, I missed the first two supports leaving just Skindred and FFDP left to entertain the packed Wembley Arena.

I know Skindred are awesome live, but I cannot connect to them on track, which is a real shame. One hell of a show though! They seriously know how the get the crowd pumped, moving and grooving!

For a band that were announced as a replacement only a few days prior, probably playing to people that do not have any idea who they are, they were immense.

One Newport helicopter out the way and a brief intermission, FFDP came on.

I mentioned earlier that I wanted to see Papa Roach on this evening, so you can probably guess FFDP aren’t exactly my favourite band. They did put on a wicked show though!


My main beef with the band is that it is very very similar throughout their songs; they all have the same ‘feel’ to them. They do translate much better live.

It was a very enjoyable to be part of this crowd and I knew more of the songs than I thought I did!


1. Skindred: 7/10
2. Five Finger Death Punch: 7/10

One line summary: An entertaining night despite what’s going on in the outside world

Would you go again?
1. Skindred: I probably will see them again in some capacity and not complain, but I probably wouldn’t go to a headline show
2. Five Finger Death Punch: I expect I will see them at a festival some day (but can they headline? Probably not).

Were you there? Feel free to drop a comment and let me know your thoughts!


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