Live Review: Beartooth

Tuesday 24th November | Electric Ballroom

I need to stop going to mid-week gigs.

Well, I more need to drink less at said gigs. But this is the reason that I continue to go to them – this was an incredible performance.

Let’s start at the bottom of the bill with Youth Blood. I need to check these guys out actually. Considering I went there not knowing who these guys were, they put on a pretty good show. Parts of the crowd seemed really into it (reasonable size pit) and were an enjoyable watch!

Now, I’m not sure if my memory of Youth Blood being that good is 100% accurate. Reason being ’68 were god awful. I don’t even understand how they were on this bill. Again, I didn’t know who these were and I will not be seeing these again. It’s a two piece those that don’t know. A guy, prancing about playing some chords on a guitar and singing (used loosely here) with his mate on drums.

I found myself looking around at the people there and no one seemed to understand what was going on! The vocals were poor, the guitar was poor and the ‘music’ they were playing was poor. Poor, poor, poor. But maybe I need to hear this on track to hear if it is more cohesive on track.

Fortunately the night was saved by Beartooth. Honestly, the whole sit


down jump up thing that everyone now seems to do is getting a bit boring. Despite this Beartooth had one. At the start of the very first song. Like, what the hell!?!

It was utter and complete chaos throughout the whole set. The band don’t
exactly have a large back catalogue (one EP and one Album) but every song they have is awesome and fortunately translates live! Within the first song I had nearly fallen over about seven or eight times; not a bad start to the set.

It was just great song, after great song, after great song. There wasn’t a song I would change on that set. Perfection.



  1. Youth Blood – 6/10
  2. ’68 – 1/10
  3. Beartooth – 10/10

One line summary: For such a new band to be so good live, they could really go places

Would you go again? 

  1. Youth Blood – Potentially after checking them out
  2. ’68 – You couldn’t pay me enough to make me see these again
  3. Beartooth – Without question, YES! 

Were you there? Feel free to give a comment below telling me what your thoughts are!


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